At Convious, we take protecting personal data seriously, which is why we strive to have a super infrastructure that allows you to execute your preferred level of compliance. As a consequence, this means specific responsibilities lay within the hands of Convious Partners.

To clarify what these responsibilities are when it comes to cookie banners and settings, we created the below overview, including useful resources to help you get started.*

☑ Setting up a GDPR-compliant cookie banner

Responsibility lies with... the Partner.

Why is this important?
For our infrastructure to respond accordingly, we are listening to your setup - underlining the importance its importance as it serves as the basis to your remaining infrastructure.

As you own your website, you will also be responsible for setting up a compliant cookie banner.

Part of setting up this banner and accompanying statement means classifying the Convious cookies. To do so correctly, please read this article.

You can find an introduction to the ePrivacy directive and how to ensure a compliant cookie banner here (

A friendly heads-up: 
Especially tracking/statistics cookies, such as Google Analytics and Social Media pixels, are often placed without consent. This is not GDPR compliant and needs to be undermined with the right settings. 

If you are using Cookiebot as your Cookie Manager, please ensure to check this article. 

☑ Ensuring Convious listens to the banner 

Responsibility lies with... Convious.

To recap, for our infrastructure to respond accordingly, we need to ensure we are listening to your setup. Our support team will initiate this connection is set up right during onboarding.

If there are major changes to your Cookie banner beyond onboarding, please ensure to reach out to our support team, as this may mean we have to review the connection. 



☑ Defining personalization settings

Responsibility lies with... the Partner. 

Once again,  please remember our infrastructure is made to support a compliant setup but guaranteeing it is up to you. Therefore, within each of our personalization features, you have corresponding settings to be set accordingly. 

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Post-event Email

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Collecting consent for email marketing


*Please note that the information given is no legal advice. The information aims to help our partners understand the basics of the subject and the Convious tools so that partners can determine and execute their own level of compliance. While we do our best to provide helpful information as a starting point, certain concepts may not apply in all countries. Thus, nothing can substitute regional legal advice. Convious accepts no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information and the affirmative actions taken as a response.