If you are using Cookiebot for your consent management on your website, please be aware that you will have to update your Convious snippet to avoid your ticket shop from being wrongfully blocked. 

The problem:
Currently Cookiebot is able to recognize that we, as Convious, are loading Google Analytics tracking cookies and thus remain blocking Convious when Statistics cookies are not approved. Technically, if we would blindly load Google, that would be the right thing to do. However, Cookiebot does not see that we only load Google when Statistics cookies are given and not by default. Meaning we are listening to the consent at all times. Hence, Cookiebot is unable to see that they are wrongly tying us to Google Analytics cookies without examining how Convious works and allows the placing of cookies. 

The solution:
As said, the good news is that we found a permanent solution. All it takes from you is updating the Convious script in your website's header. Please add the following to your snippet: data-cookieconsent="ignore"

In the location as shown below:
<!-- start Convious Code -->
<script id="convious_loader" src="https://client.convious-app.com/loader.js?k=yourslug " data-cookieconsent="ignore"></script>
<!-- end Convious Code -->
What it will do:
It will ensure the Convious script is always loading, displaying your ticket shop and, thus, ignoring Cookiebot. Please be aware that the Google Analytics cookies will continue to be placed according to consent, as explained before. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. 
You can find corresponding documentation from Cookiebot here.