The Post-event Email can be a powerful tool and serve a number of purposes:

  • Collecting your customers' feedback with an after-visit survey
  • Asking your customers to review the venue and their experience
  • Offering incentives and upsells: discount on their next visit or an upgrade to the annual pass [extra revenue alert!]
  • Emails help you to stay engaged and top-of-mind and can excellently complement your further, for example, Social Media engagement tactics and strategy

Here is some friendly piece of advice from our experts on how to approach this email:

  • Tone of voice: Friendly, upbeat
  • Short and sweet; to the point
  • Refer to the item/experience they purchased
  • Focus on the peak-end rule: If they get reminded of the best moment or receive a voucher next time, they might be more inclined to leave a (good) review.
  • Explicitly ask them to follow on social media.

If you want to edit the text you see in your email to align it with your tone of voice or add specific information, you can do this via the Copy Editor! Thanks to the Copy editor, you can edit every copy of your emails. Explore it for yourself: Here is a guide to explain a quick and simple way to adjust and maintain your copies!


The post-event email is sent one day after the event at 9 AM (UTC).

Did you know that you can also spice up your post-event email using discount codes? 

Click here to find out how you can add discount codes to your post-event email.


Post-event Email & the GDPR*

According to the GDPR, every form of direct marketing communication needs to have sufficient legal grounds (Art. 6).

In the case of the post-event Email, certain member states see consent as necessary. In other member states, businesses can decide to use legitimate interest - sending the email to all visitors or also choose consent - sending it to opt-in users only. In those member states where a choice can be made, the content of the email often plays a deciding factor.


If you are asking for reviews:
Please be aware that according to the local execution of the GDPR, you will require an explicit marketing opt-in to request a review via email in certain countries. In this case, please make sure the email will only be sent to customers who opted-in.



However, according to the ICO guidelines, asking for reviews seem to not require an opt-in in the UK as long as it does not include any other promotions (such as voucher codes, upsells, etc.)


If you are simply saying thank you: 
Even if your email is a simple message of appreciation, here as well, given the local execution of the GDPR, you may require explicit marketing opt-in in certain countries. 

*Please note that the information given is in no form any legal advice. The information's purpose is to help our partners understand the basics of the subject and the Convious tools, so partners can determine and execute their own level of compliance. While we do our best to provide helpful information as a starting point, certain concepts may not apply in all countries. Thus, nothing can substitute regional legal advice. Convious accepts no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information and the affirmative actions taken as a response.