For you, this means your email is sent to all Checkout visitors who added tickets to their cart but never bought them. The email will be a reminder of the experience they left behind with the aim of encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Abandoned shopping cart emails are powerful tools as they often receive extraordinarily high open and click rates. You wonder why that is?

Let's think from the customer's perspective: The reason why they would abandon their cart can be one of many.


  • The bell rang & they failed to pick up where they left off
  • They wanted to complete the purchase on a different device or
  • They wanted to quickly check with their family or friends on the exact dates to book
  • They remembered a friend still had a coupon code somewhere 
  • They can't access the payment method they want to use on the current device

    In all these cases they would most likely appreciate a friendly and non-intrusive reminder to get back to their purchase without having to start the entire selection process from zero again.

    With this email, they can access their carts with just a few clicks up to 3 days after they abandoned it. 

Cart Abandonment & the GDPR*

According to the GDPR, every form of direct marketing communication needs to have sufficient legal grounds (Art. 6).

In the case of the Cart abandonment Email, businesses can decide to use legitimate interest - sending the email to all users that showed explicit interest, or use consent - sending it to only those users who also chose to opt-in. 

Given the fact that the buyer went so far in their purchase process that they already entered personal information, many businesses choose a legitimate interest as their legal grounds. When deciding for legitimate interest, a 3-Part Legitimate Interest Assessment is advised. It helps answer if the "benefits that come with data collection outweigh the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject?" and has the purpose of defining the nature (purpose, necessity, and balance with rights and freedoms) of the email in question. Here are a couple of notes that can act as a starting point for the impact assessment. 

Nevertheless, despite reasons to see interest as a legitimate reason to send cart abandonment emails, certain member states prefer obtaining consent and, in some instances, see consent to be necessary. 

The good news: You decide - both are possible.

If you choose consent as the legal ground, all you need to do is choose the cart abandonment email to be sent only to those who decided to opt in. 


You can find this setting in your Convious Studio. 


Your Abandoned cart Emails 

If you are using Name Your Own Price, we have two Abandoned Cart emails for you to enable. The only difference between them is that they are timed differently so they literally act as reminder 1 and reminder 2.

Cart Abandonment Email - Name Your Own Price

Cart Abandonment Email II - Name Your Own Price

For all other pricing types:
Abandoned Shopping Cart email



*Please note that the information given is in no form any legal advice. The information's purpose is to help our partners understand the basics of the subject and the Convious tools, so partners can determine and execute their own level of compliance. While we do our best to provide helpful information as a starting point, certain concepts may not apply in all countries. Thus, nothing can substitute regional legal advice. Convious accepts no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information and the affirmative actions taken as a response.