Whether it is Black Friday, Christmas or birthdays all year long. Gift cards are a great way for your customers to share your experiences with their loved ones. 

From value vouchers to season passes and day tickets, now you can create all of them as a separate gift cards! 

Using Gift cards consists of 3 steps:

1. Setup and upload

2. Design 

3. Connect template

Let us walk you through them...


For example, you would like to sell 10€ gift card that can be redeemed in the web shop for any product.

1. Create a new barcode pool for your gift card product ("uploaded" barcode type):

Generate barcodes in the Excel file:

In this case, we are uploading four gift card codes:





Download the file as a CSV file and upload it under the pool you created:

3. Create your gift card product ("Gift Card 10€") and select the new pool in the product settings:

4. Create a new coupon pool "Gift Cards":

Create a new file using the barcodes you uploaded to upload them as coupon codes with the following structure:

Add the flat_reduction value according to gift card value. Set max_uses to 1. If you want the remainder of the gift card to be usable, set value of remainder_usable to 1.

Upload the coupon file under the Gift Card coupon pool:

Now, gift card codes should be redeemable in the checkout and give a discount of 10€ of the total cart value and you can proceed with creating your gift card template.

DESIGN: How to design your Gift card



1. Navigate to Gift card templates in your Engage section.





Now you will see the gift card template overview page. Once you have created your first gift cards, you will see them here.



3. To create a Gift card template, choose + Add new.


Now you enter the Convious Studio.

4. As with all your templates, you first have to set the Global settings. 

This includes:

  • We recommend not choosing large for long product names to avoid spanning the name over several lines. 


5.  Next, you can add upper and lower banners. Both banners can be added in all languages that are available in your Checkout!

Simply choose another language to upload a new banner for either the upper or the lower banner. 

Please note, the recommended size is 2515x1085px.


For the lower banner we recommend adding a few lines on how to make use of the voucher to ensure the receiving person (and/or the gift giver) know how to turn the voucher into a valid ticket. 


Do you need help with designing the actual banners? 

No problem! We recommend heading over to canva.com, which is an easy-to-use design platform. 


Signing up is for free and will give you access to design all sorts of banners, social media posts, presentations and much more.

Once you have opened your account, choose to create a design and select custom size.

Enter the banner dimensions we recommend and start creating a new design! 


You can use templates, add elements, upload your own elements and images and add text. 


See Canva's Knowledge Base for short on-demand video tutorials. 



In this example, we also used Canva and the result is great!













Let's get back to the Convious studio to finish the gift card template. 


6. Time to set your Other Settings. 

Here you have the possibility to show or hide:

  • Order number
  • Barcode
    Please note: if you remove the barcode, a label for the barcode number will appear:

  • Barcode Number
  • Price
  • Price on reseller orders
  • VAT
  • Full name (Either of the ticket holder or the buyer's full name - depending on whether it was collected in the APF).
  • Email (of the buyer)


Here you can decide what information is relevant for your gift card.

We prefer keeping it fairly simple, hiding what isn't relevant for the one who receives the gift card.

We like showing the receiver's name - but then you need to make sure your product is connected to an After Payment Form, which collects the Ticket holder name. Read more about setting up the APF here.

Please remember that you will see placeholders for all fields.


7. Once you have designed your gift card, you can download your pdf to see what the actual file will look like. 


8. If you are happy with the way your gift card looks, hit save.

CONNECT: How to connect your gift card template to gift card product 


Go to your gift card product and select your gift card template from the list.

Congrats! You created your first gift card.