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  1. Why is it important?
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Why is it important?

Collecting your customers' information can be crucial to provide them with the best experience.
Offering your guests a memorable birthday, informing them of last-minute changes, or adding their photo and details to season passes are just some of the things you can do by activating the After Payment Form (APF) for your ticket shop.
The good news? With Convious, this is integrated into your checkout's same purchasing process while maintaining a high conversion rate and smooth user experience.


How it works

  • The After Payment Form is a complementary step within the ticket shop flow that the user gets after completing their payment. 
  • Once the payment is confirmed, instead of the regular "Thank you - download your tickets" screen, the user will get the After Payment Form screen (as shown in the example images below). At the same time, they automatically receive a confirmation email that includes the tickets, but if the APF is not completed, a link to the same form within the Checkout. 
  • In this screen, you can ask the user for additional information.
    Available options

    - Name
    - Phone number
    - Address
    - Town/City
    - Country
    - Postcode
    - Birth Date
    - Image upload
    ... and decide if you'd like to make these fields mandatory or not



  • The user, your customer, will have to fill in the required fields until a green checkmark appears; only then can they submit the form.
  • After they've submitted the form, they will get the aforementioned "Thank you - download tickets" screen as well as the order confirmation e-mail with their e-tickets. 
  • The gathering of this information might only be relevant for some of the products you are offering in your Checkout, which is why the system enables you to activate the After Payment Form only for those articles of your choice. 
  • The collected information will be accessible on your Control Panel (AKA Convious Dashboard), which you are also able to export from your "Order List" as a csv. or pdf. file.



1. Where can I find the collected data?

All data you collect will be visible in your order details. If you scroll to the left, you will see the fields your APF includes. If the field is mandatory or not, but the customer filled it, you will see the input appear here.

You can also export all this data using the Order details export.

2. What happens to the ticket if the APF is not filled in?

Suppose your customer does not complete the mandatory fields of the APF. In that case, the tickets will not be issued, and the customer will not have a ticket with the necessary barcode available for admission. This is why we have a required input to complete order & APF reminder email that you can enable to remind those customers who fail to complete their order on the first go.