If you are here, your Checkout acts as your main vehicle to bring your tickets and offers to the world. This means it needs to be superb and easily adjustable for you in case you have new promotions, regulations, or events planned. This is precisely what the copy editor is for, and this is a guide to explain a quick and simple way to modify and maintain your Checkout by yourself! 


1. Navigate to Copy editor in the main menu to your left-hand side.


2. Before entering characters into the search bar, select whether you are searching by name or key. We strongly recommend searching by name as this equals the text and will be the easiest for you to locate. 

Notice you can search in all the languages you have available in your Checkout except for special German characters including ß, ä, ö, and ü.

To provide an example, imagine you want to view or edit the title 'Ticket Selection' of the product list below:

Remember: the product names and descriptions can also be adjusted within the products themselves (e.g., I want to buy tickets).


3. Enter the name of the field you are looking to view or edit, in this case: 'Ticket Selection,' and hit Search or hit enter on your keyboard.

Now you see the copy text you are looking for, including its key and language.

4. Click on Edit to view all translations.

5. To edit either of your translations, click into the field and change the copy.

In the example above, you can see we edited the English translation. 


In case you want to discard your edits or want to go back to the previous version, all you need to do hit Reset to default.

6. In case you change a copy, make sure to go on and complete editing all translations accordingly before hitting save. 

Here as well, you can discard all edits and start new by hitting the Reset all to default at the top of the translations.

7. Hit Save & you're done!