Check your capacity 

Are you using a limited inventory? It might be that the capacity is exceeded for today. Check in the Customers Report how many tickets have you sold for today. 

Check opening hours exceptions

Is there an opening hour exception? Delete is or adjust the date.


Check opening hours 

Check "Until when tickets should be sold" setting. For example, if the tickets can be sold until 16:00 but it is 18:00, customers will only be able to buy tickets for tomorrow. If needed, adjust this setting to a different time. 

Check validity settings & validity exceptions

Go to the product validity settings and make sure that visibility starts from today or earlier and validity is correct. 


Note: Calendar will not show the dates if validity starts more than 2 months in the future. If you have adjusted validity, you might need to wait for 10-15 min until it's updated.


Check inventory 

Is your inventory not unlimited? Go to the inventory pool and check that the capacity is larger than 0 and there are no inventory rules with 0 capacity. 

If needed, increase the capacity and/or delete inventory rule. 

Check booking horizon and release time

Go to product list and product settings.

For example, if release time is set as 10 days, the customer will be able to select the visit date only 10 days from today. 

If booking horizon is set as 5 days, the customer will only see upcoming 5 days in the calendar.

Check and extend time slots


Time slots end before the selected date. In the following example, time slots end on 31/05.

Extend time slots, if needed. It's advisable to always keep time slots valid until the date far in the future in order to avoid troubleshooting.


Also, try to clear cache and cookies and test the ticket shop in an incognito (private) window.

Have you checked everything and product(s) is/are still not visible in the Convious ticket shop? Contact us

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