When a customer places an order, they always have to provide an email address to ensure they will receive their order confirmation and tickets. Sometimes email addresses are rejected for various reasons but often it is a fault within the browser oran overlooked spelling mistake. Here are the steps you can guide your customer through in case of this occasion: 

    1. Ask the customer to double-check the email address
      As mentioned, sometimes it's just a matter of a spelling mistake (especially in the domain name) or a missing/incorrect character. 

    2. Ask the customer if he/she has a CapsLock function turned on
      If yes, tell the customer to turn the CapsLock off and try to enter the email address again.

    3. Ask the customer to open the checkout in an incognito (private) window to try the same procedure again
      This is how you go incognito mode on various browsers:
      Safari: Hold down Command+Shift+N
      Windows, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n
      Firefox: Click the menu button Fx57Menu and then click New Private Window

    4. Ask the customer to open the checkout in a different browser
      Click here for the list of supported browsers

    5. Report a bug
      If you have done all of the above and the customer still didn’t receive their tickets, please submit the Bug Report Form.

      Read more about How to report a bug.

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