For example, you see the following empty screen: 

1. Check that the products are enabled

Go to your product overview and double check that the products are enabled: 

2. Check validity & visibility settings

Go to the products' validity settings and make sure that visibility starts from today or earlier and validity is correct. 

3. Check inventory 

Is your inventory not unlimited? Go to the inventory pool and check that the capacity is larger than 0 and there are no inventory rules with 0 capacity. 

If needed, increase the capacity and/or delete inventory rule. 

4. Check barcode pools 

Are your barcodes not generated? Go to the barcode pool and check that there are more than 0 barcodes in the pool. 

For example, in the case below, additional barcodes need to be uploaded in order for the product to appear in the checkout.


Also, try to clear cache and cookies and test the Checkout in an incognito (private) window.

Have you checked everything and product(s) is/are still not visible in the checkout? Contact us


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