If you sell undated tickets or have season pass holders, you will have a range of customers who need to reserve a date when they want to visit you. Just as with a purchase, it is nice to have an email confirming your customers' booked date and visit details. You can enable this email by enabling the Reservation Confirmation Email in your Control Panel.

The Reservation Confirmation Email includes:

  • A button to download the reservation confirmation

    If an After Payment Form is enabled and not completed it will contain a link to complete it.

  • A button to add tickets to Tap. If Tap is not yet downloaded, it will automatically send the customer to the download and automatically add the reservation.
  • The reservation number
  • The product type and amount
  • Price per item and the total price. Although your reservation is for free, you always have the chance to offer upsells. Those would be show here.
  • The validity of the reservation
  • The customer's email address (provided during the pervious buying process)
  • Your support email address
  • Your social media profiles