Refunds are an essential part of your business, sometimes dealt-with in a daily basis, which is why we want to make them as easy as possible for you. 

If you need to make a refund, the person with admin rights of the dashboard account will have to give you permission for it.  Once you have permission: 

1.  Log-in into your partner dashboard,

2.  Go to Orders on the left-side menu

There, you will be able to find and keep track of every single order that has been made on your check-out so far.

3. If you are looking to refund a specific customer, we recommend you search them by order ID or e-mail address on the search bar you'll find on the top right. This will save you some time.

4. When you find the order you are looking for, scroll to the left hand side of the order information 

5. Click Action and choose Refund
This will show you an information break-down of all the products that have been purchased by that specific person and for what price, but more importantly, also the "REFUND" button, on the bottom right corner. 

Once you click on it, the following window will pop up:



We support both partial and full refunds, so depending on the case, you will need to click on the green button (for full refund) or on "Edit refund" (for a partial one). 

The description window is there for you to give a reason on why the customer is requesting a cancellation. This is extremely helpful for your colleagues to understand why cancellations took place. Here you might be able to review if there are multiple customers who give reasons you have a direct influence on and optimize your operations!

6. Choose the articles you want to refund, enter a description, and click Review Refund



7. Here you get the chance to double-check if the amount you are about to refund is the correct one and if you selected the right number of items. In case you did not, you get the chance to readjust your refund in case you made a mistake beforehand: click on Edit refund

If everything looks good, click Refund.

8. Done!

Now you will see this next to your order. This means the refund is being processed, which can sometimes take a while. 


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