Why is this important?

When we talk about “Orders,” we are talking about the transactions your visitors have made in your Convious Ticketshop. Say, a visitor bought three tickets to visit your venue, and three meals via upsells using your Convious Ticketshop; even though he purchased two different products (tickets & meals), it is considered as one order. 

Managing orders is essential for your business since it gives you the freedom to find, reschedule, refund, resend, and cancel orders. Managing your venue’s visitors is just one click away in your “Orders” panel. 

In your Convious Control Panel, you will see two options for Order Management: 

    • Orders
    • Orders Details
    • (Soon these above will be merged into the current Orders BETA) 

Orders vs. Orders Details

What is the difference between the Orders and Orders Details sections under the Manage category in your Convious Control Panel? 

In the Orders section, you will be able to see the orders in a bundle and manage it (reschedule, refund, cancel, resend, etc.) while in the “Orders Details,” you will be able to see - as the name indicates- the complete and detailed order. (Type of product so different types of tickets,  barcode number, personal details, etc.).

Types of properties in Orders

If you have just set up your Convious Check-Out, you will probably start receiving orders shortly! Soon, you will also likely need to manage some of those. Here are all the properties you will be able to see associated with an order: 

NOTE: The data in your Control Panel will be masked. Find out why and how to view your customer's data here.

  • Location: If your venue has different venue locations, this property will show you to which location that specific order corresponds
  • ID: Every order has a unique “Order ID” consisting of a combination of numbers. It can come useful when identifying and finding specific orders.
  • Email: The email with which the order was purchased and where the confirmation email was sent to 
  • Qty: How many products are associated with that order. For example: if an order contains two different tickets, then the quantity number will be 2 for a single order
  • Subtotal: This is the total price for your order, without applying any discounts.
  • Discount: If your visitor used a special discount, code, or voucher, the discount amount would be reflected in this column
  • Code: The code your visitor used to apply the discount to the subtotal price of the order
  • Total: This is the overall adjusted total price for all your orders. This reflects what your visitor paid for the entire order
  • Pay Date: The date the purchase was made
  • Visit Date:  The date when your visitor is attending your venue
  • Event time: Timeslot (if applicable) the visitor is arriving at your venue
  • Status: There are different types of states regarding your order:
    • Paid: When the transactions has been approved
    • Redeemed: When the visitor has used the tickets/products
    • Refunded: this is when you refund the tickets
    • Charged back: this is when the customer requests the money back from the bank
    • Partially refunded: this is when only some tickets are refunded
  • Reseller: If you have the reseller module enabled and a reseller has sold the order you are looking for, this column tells you which reseller sold it.
  • Email Status: This will define the status of the confirmation email - whether it was sent, delivered or opened by the customer
  • Downloaded on: This will tell you whether your customer has downloaded their tickets from the Checkout, your confirmation mail or the Tap-app. 

For undated tickets only: Validity extension

  • Validity from & validity to: indicating the validity time frame of the ticket. Note that you can edit and update this validity, but only for all items in the order at the same time, not individual tickets. 

Types of properties in Orders Details

Some new properties are shown in Order Details, such as:

  • Product:  This refers to which specific product your visitor has acquired (ex: adult ticket, child ticket, etc.0
  • Barcode: Unique numbers associated with each specific product

All other details you ask via your APF will be showcased here as well, for example, if you ask for full name, street name, zip code, residence, phone number, etc. 

Order Detail export

Did you know that you can export your order details to see even more information?

In your order export, you can view the information that you see straight from your Control Panel via Orders or order details as well as:

  • Product ID
  • Language
  • Refunded at (if applicable)
  • Refunded by (if applicable)
  • Whether it is part of a bundle (yes vs. no)
  • Redeemed on (Date)
  • Reseller ID (if applicable)
  • Status (paid, pending, refunded)
  • Printed at (Date)
  • Downloaded at (Date)
  • Order made by (if applicable)
  • External IDs (if applicable)
  • VAT amount 
  • VAT rate 

To export your order details, all you need to do is go to export at the upper right corner, below the date picker and select the format you want to export. 

Don't forget to pick the right time frame using the date picker and make sure you would like to see the orders on purchased (sale) date or visit date. We will process the file and forward it to your email if the file is too big. If you are only downloading a few orders, you will receive an instant download.

So, if you are looking for a file with as much detailed information as possible - here it is! 

What can you do in your Orders panel?

The Orders panel is specially designed to manage your orders in a bundle. Here are some of the easy & useful things you can do from there: 

  • Processing Customer Refunds
  • Canceling Season pass holder visits & freeing up time slots
  • Canceling orders without refunding them
  • Resending the confirmation email from the dashboard
  • How to export orders

  • Export your orders as a .CSV and .XLSX reports

  • Filter orders by
    Product: All the products you offer,
    Payment method/status: All the payment methods you offer.
    Sales channel: If you have the reseller module enabled, here you can filter by resellers.
    Language: The language used in the Checkout when the order was placed. 

  • Search orders with a simple & extended search:
    Simple search: You can find orders via the order number or the order email.
    Extended search: You can find orders via the order number, the order email, location or discount code used. 

    The simple search is set by default. You can enable the extended search by ticking the box next to the search bar.  See more details on how to find an order.

What can you do in your “Orders Details” Panel

  • You can edit all the personal details associated with the different tickets/products. (Full name, street name, zip code, etc.) Remember, every time you see the pencil icon, you will be able to edit the property and you will need to save each field individually! 
  • Under the button “More actions,” you will find you can manually redeem,  print the tickets if needed.
  • Extended search: You can find orders via order number, product name, barcode, or buyer/customer information.
  • More actions:
    By selecting a single ticket, you can print, redeem or download it.

    You can find everything about redeeming tickets manually or with an external scanner from your Control Panel via the redeem mode here.

    Be aware: redeeming can be done only once! (and it cannot be unredeemed back)

Time to practice 

Let’s put all this knowledge to practice! Grab one of your orders and try to edit some details (Caution! Make sure you don’t save the changes, so they don’t affect the original order) Try to: 

  • Refund it
  • Resend the email
  • Change the Visit Date
  • Cancel the order

Check yourself

  • Do you know the difference between Orders and Orders Details?
  • Do you know where to refund your orders?
  • Do you know how to edit order details?
  • Do you know how to cancel an order?
  • Do you know how you can find orders of a customer if you need to?

If you answered all of the above with“yes,” congratulations! You are on your way towards mastering your Convious Control Panel.