The usage of discounts via Coupons or Vouchers is an integral part of your customer acquisition and retention and thus be accurately monitored and understood.

But codes can also come in the form of the season pass and reservation numbers, thus, knowing how they work in your online shop and their limitations is crucial.


Where do visitors redeem codes?

Just as with any standard eCommerce, customers can enter their discount codes and reservation numbers at the bottom of the cart review page of your online shop.





What happens if codes are not valid?

Your online shop will check validity of your coupons automatically. This means you can limit the period in which they can be redeemed based on the validity of the coupon.

Further, your customer will see an error message if the selected date is after the validity date.

If your customer enters a code that isn't known to us due to a mixup or a typo, they will see the following to understand what went wrong:

Don't forget: Clarity is key for good online experiences that convert!

You also edit this field via your Copy editor (Search by key and enter Cart Discount cannot be applied).

Is the field always enabled?

We can disable the code field on a product list level if you do not have discount campaigns or reservation codes for the products within a certain product list and want to avoid confusion and bad user experiences.

If you want it to be disabled on a product list, please contact by informing us which list this concerns. 


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