We all know it can happen: customers misspell their email, deleted the order confirmation mail or say they never received it. Sometimes you are left with nothing but their name or the information on what they bought.

This is how you can find their order:

1. Navigate to the order details page. 

  • Simple search: You can find orders via the order number or the order email.
  • Extended search: You can find orders via order number, product name, barcode or buyer/customer information.

2. While the simple search is set by default, you can enable the extended search by ticking the box next to the search bar. 

3. Type in one of these properties and navigate through the results below until you find the correct one.

Now you can view all the order details and use the order number to view this order on the order page. From the order page, you can resend a new email, issue a refund or download the order's tickets.