What information can I see in the barcode report?

The barcode report holds information about your redeemable tickets and whether they were actually redeemed or not.

Therefore, in this report, you can only see  those products which are ‘redeemable.’

How can I make a product redeemable?

A product is set up as redeemable in its product settings.

If a product that is supposed to be redeemable is not redeemable and therefore does not show in this report, please change the settings of the product, and the report will be updated within few minutes.

If barcodes are redeemed, how are they displayed in the report? 

Please note that for dated barcodes you can only see whether visitors redeemed tickets on the set visit date. If the visit date is July 10th, but the tickets are redeemed later on July 15th, the redeemed barcode would not be counted for July 15th because we compare expected visits vs. actually redeemed tickets. In this case, the ticket redeemed on July 15th would be counted in retrospective for July 10th. 

How quickly does a redeemed barcode show in my barcode report? 

Barcodes that are redeemed directly via Convious are synced every 15min.