Why are reports so important?

Different venues have different indicators of success. For some, it could be the revenue generated; for others, the number of visitors, even website traffic, could be a relevant key indicator for success. 

The reporting tools are designed in a way that they will give you essential insights and help in developing marketing plans, guide budget preparation, and enhance decision-making. 

Types of Engagement Tools 

Let’s dive into the essentials of each of the reports available on your Convious Control Panel.

Overview Report

In this report, as the name suggests, you will find a general overview of your venue’s activity. In the overview report you will find: 

  • Visitors forecast: Our AI-powered algorithms do all the calculations and forecasts for you. Based on all your real-time data, you will be able to see up to a week in advance of visitors’ forecasts. You will see: 
  • Expected visitors for today: This is based on the number of tickets and reservations purchased. 
  • Expected visitor for tomorrow & next week: based on the number of tickets and reservations sold for that specific range of time + the expected to be sold forecast. 

In the graph, you will be able to see the day by day forecast with a one-week in advanced prediction.  The blue shades indicate the potential maximum and the minimum number of tickets sold for that specific date, determining a specific range. 


  • Checkout Overview: Depending on the date range you choose (top left), you  will see some checkout information below: 
    • Average items per order: How many products are your visitors purchasing per order.
    • Average order value: How much revenue is coming in an average per order.
    • Checkout Conversion Rate: From the people who open the Check-Out, what percentage places an order.
    • Website Conversion Rate: From the people who visit your website, what percentage places an order.
  • Products sold: A pie chart showing the percentage of products sold.
  • Checkout Conversion Rate per channel: Shows you which are the channels that are converting your visitors best.
  • Sales/Revenue Overview:  A chart where you will see a summary of revenue per product.

Revenue & Sales  Report

In these reports, you will see all the relevant information regarding your venue’s revenue and sales information. When checking the sales report, you will see the number of products sold, while the revenue report will show you actual revenue. The dashboards you will find in both reports are: 

  • Total revenue/sales report: With a graph of the monthly revenue/ sales up to date.
  • Revenue/ sales per product: Your revenue/sales corresponding to specific products.
  • Revenue/sales per device: Was the purchase made from a mobile device or a desktop?
  • Revenue/sales per acquisition channel: Which digital channel is bringing the most revenue/sales? This information can help you optimize your advertising budget.
  • Revenue/sales per payment type: Are your orders made using a credit card, PayPal or any other payment type you have associated with your Convious Checkout?

Traffic Reports

Here you will be able to get actionable insights regarding your website traffic. This report could be particularly useful for your marketing team or to optimize your marketing efforts. In this report you will find: 

  • Total website traffic per day 
  • New vs. Returning visitors 
  • Acquisition channel
  • Popular days on your website
  • Popular hours on your website

Customer Reports

Here you will be able to keep track of the customers expected to visit your venue each day. It is dedicated to informing you about expected visitors and upsells to be redeemed on a given date, based on your dated products sold. You can always use the date picker to explore specific date ranges.

Here you will find: 

  • Expected visitors based on the type of product they bought per day
  • Expected upsells based on the type of upsell products your customers bought per day

Remember, if you hover over the data, you will get a specific chart with a more detailed overview. 

Emails Reports

Emails reports show you data over email interactions sent to your clients via Convious. From transactional emails like ‘Order Confirmation,’ to marketing emails, you find a summary of how your customers are interacting with your emails. Here you will find relevant data such as: 

  • Email click per country
  • Top email providers 
  • A summary of your Marketing Emails, showing the percentage of sent emails, delivered emails, opened emails, clicks, bounces, unsubscribed, and converted customers. 
  • A summary of your Transactional Emails, showing the percentage of sent emails, delivered emails, opened emails, clicks, and bounces.

Barcode Reports

In this report, you will be able to see a general overview of Redeemed vs. Not redeemed barcodes. You will see two dashboards: 

Redeemed vs. Not Redeemed Dated Barcodes

Redeemed Undated Barcodes

This can help you, and the algorithm, to determine the number of no-shows which will help to further optimize forecasts. 

Analytics Report

Analytics report is a combination of multiple reports where you can access information like expected visitors, revenue generated, number of transactions, tickets & upsells sold, and average cart size. You just have to click the dropdown menu to start exploring.

Engage Tools Report

Last but not least, the Engage tool report. As you already know, your Engagement tools are a vital part of your Convious platform. Their task is to successfully attract your visitors' attention and steer them towards purchasing via your website. Here you will be able to see how your three engagement tools are performing based on: 

  • Views
  • Unique Views
  • Unique clicks 
  • CTR
  • Conversions
  • Revenue generated 

Here is a complete guide on how to use the engage tools report. Make sure you give it a read to make the most out of your findings.

Time to practice! 

Check which product has been sold the most for the past week.

Check which engagement tool is generating more revenue.

Check how many barcodes have been redeemed today.

Check how many visitors you are expecting today.

Check how many people are visiting your website daily.

Check yourself

  • Do you know what is the difference between a Sales Report and a Revenue Report? 
  • Do you know how to read the Visitors Forecast Report? 
  • Do you know how to evaluate your website’s performance?
  • Do you know how to evaluate your barcode status?
  • Do you know how to evaluate the performance of your emails?

If you answered all of the above with“yes,” congratulations, you have just finished the six lessons into dominating the Fundamentals of your Convious Control Panel!