As a Convious partner, you can have your own app channel via Tap. You can place content on this channel to engage and delight your visitors and customers.

TAP has many advantages such as its interactive park map, or personalisation via push notification and customer-orientated placements. With TAP you have an extra source of customer data and use it to interact with visitors.

Queues at attractions can have a decisive influence on customer spending through the extra time spent waiting and cause customer dissatisfaction. The TAP app Queue Time Manager informs your customers about the waiting times and helps you guide them through the park by showing queuing times.

Queue Time Manager...

  • increases customer satisfaction by giving estimators of waiting times. Customers are not negatively surprised anymore.
  • increase in-park spending since the customer has to wait less on average
  • helps the customer to explore the park while avoiding waiting.

The Queue Time Manager allows you to improve the customer journey and create an amazing experience for your visitors by manually setting queuing times for your attractions!

Set up your Queue Time Manager now! Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to


Set up waiting times for attractions in only three steps!


1.    Click on the settings symbol in your TAP app 


2.    Select under App Manager 'Waiting Times' 


3.    Choose the attraction you want to set the waiting time for and select the waiting time and untilwhen it should be displayed