Coupons can be used to apply the discount to the entire order. If you want to apply the discount for specific products, check our Discount Voucher manual

For example, if you want to apply a 10% discount off the entire order.

In case you need more information on how to upload vouchers please click here


Maximise the value of your vouchers by using validity and validity period effectively

To increase early bookings vouchers can be made available for a specific timeframe in which they can be redeemed only. However, this timeframe in which they can be redeemed is for a time period laying in the future. 

Here are two examples:

Voucher codes: 

Spring Event: You can book with the code from 03.02. - 03.03. tickets for the period from 03.04. until 03.05.

Halloween: You can book with the code from 01.08. - 01.09. ticket for the period from 30.10. until 31.10.


This handy trick will enable you to not only promote your events and raise awareness but also to increase early bookings. 

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