If you have the Convious Reseller module enabled, you may want to set different prices for certain products, either for all Resellers or certain resellers. In this 10-step guide, you will learn how to set this up from your Control Panel easily.

First, it is important that have the category you want your Resellers to access and the products you want to sell. 

  • Do you want to learn more about the Convious Reseller? Have a look at this presentation.
  • You can find a detailed description of how to set up categories and products here

If possible, we strongly encourage you to use your existing flows from your ticket shop to avoid losing the overview.

⚠️ Note the following things

  • Do you want to use time slots for this category? If yes, please enable them here.  
  • The category needs to be activated.
  • The category needs to be enabled for either all resellers or selected resellers.
  • You can select one or multiple resellers.

  • If the category you are enabling for the resellers you chose should also show in your public Checkout, then please make sure to enable visibility. If it is a category only relevant to the respective reseller, make sure to not make it visible in the Checkout
  • Further, you need to make sure the products within the category are activated for the reseller to see and use their buying flow. After you have your categories and products ready, it is time to set up your pricing rules! 

10-step guide

1. Navigate to Products and then to Pricing Exceptions.

Now you can see all your pricing exceptions. 

2. Click on Add new to start the setup.

3. First, you need to set a name.
Choose something very descriptive that helps you and your team understand the pricing rule you are setting.

4. Then choose the right reseller from the drop-down menu. 
5. Now, choose the Pricing Type of the product you want to connect to. this will enable you to:
6. Choose the right product lists and products within them.

Once you have chosen the products you want this pricing rule to apply to, you can set up the price strategy. Here you can either follow a regular price strategy or enforce a price strategy  

  • Regular Price Strategy: Tweak one or more pricing properties.
  • Enforce Price Strategy: Disable RTP and make your prices static.

7. A) If you choose Regular Price Strategy:

Use the toggle button to enable any of these rules:

  • Rule for Maximum Accepted Price 
  • Rule for Minimum Accepted Price 
  • Rule for Average Target Price 

Select the rule:

  • Increase: Price will be increased
  • Decrease: Price will be decreased
  • Set: Price will be set to a new value

Select the amount and the dimension:

  • Currency: Prices will Increase or decrease by that amount
  • Percentage: Price will Increase or decrease by that percentage compared to global settings

7. B) If you choose Enforce Price Strategy:

...you will enforce all the selected products to be static and use their global pricing setting as their own. You can 'enforce price' to be...

  • Min. Price: Products will be sold for the minimum price
  • Avg. Price: Products will be sold for the average target price
  • Max. Price: Products will be sold for the maximum price

8. After you have set up the pricing rules, you have to decide their start & end date. 
Do so by clicking on the calendar that opens when entering the field.

9. Further, you have the chance to:

  • Define a daily pattern
    by clicking on the days (non-selected days are grey)

  • Define the recurrence 
    by setting it weekly, every two weeks, the first week of the month, or the last week of the month.

  • Set the start and end times (of the day). 
    by choosing certain timeframes (or time slots) of the day or by checking the box to apply the rule to the entire day.

    As you can see, you can also make the prices for Resellers very specific and dynamic at the same time!

    Down below you can view the impact this pricing rule/setting has on your revenue. 

10. Hit Save & you and your Reseller are ready to go! 🎉

This is how customers will see the prices via your website:

Compared to how it will show for Resellers with your exception:

As you can see, Thursdays to Sundays are more expensive for Resellers as the exception is a price increase of 5 %.