Upsell: These are upgrades and add-ons to the main products that can be purchased just before completing the payment/reservation products.

Let's explore why incorporating upsells can be a game-changer for your business:

  • Elevate the Customer Experience:
    Upsells open the door to exceptional customer experiences. They allow you to offer relevant and enticing upgrades that cater to your customers' desires.
  • Boost Sales Revenue:
    By strategically incorporating upsells, you create additional revenue streams. With each upsell, you increase the average order value, leading to a significant boost in your overall sales revenue.
  • Create Urgency and Excitement:
    Scarcity and urgency are powerful motivators. It can trigger excitement and the fear of missing out, encouraging customers to seize the opportunity before it's gone. It's a proven strategy to ignite enthusiasm and prompt conversions.

How to set Upsell up in your Control Panel: 

  1. Log in to your Convious account and access the control panel.
  2. Navigate to Products and select Products from the sidebar
  3. Create or choose an existing product category that you want to connect with an upsell, click here to see how you can create a product category
  4. Click on Add product
  5. Fill in all sections as usual when setting up products (see this article)
  6. Edit the product categories in which you want to display the upsell product
  7. Select Upsell under 'Product Type' AND 'Product pricing type'. KEEP IN MIND: once you select the product's pricing type and save your changes, you won't be able to change its pricing type again

Save your settings and test the upsell functionality to ensure it works as intended.
Monitor the performance of your upsell product through the analytics and reporting tools provided in your Control Panel! 

You are all set and your Upsell product is listed in your Control Panel under the selected product category/categories. 


By effectively setting up an upsell product in the Convious control panel, you can enhance your revenue potential and provide a better customer experience. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.