The Convious Inline Checkout is a full-page Checkout and a great alternative or addition to our traditional Checkout widget.

Click through our demo Checkout here.

Whether you want to go live with an inline Checkout on your website or the overlay widget, the onboarding and input needed for does not differ. The choice is up to you!

Some partners prefer the widget because it is triggered on top of all pages and seizes maximum attention. Other partners prefer the inline Checkout on certain pages and use the widget on others. 

How to install the Inline Checkout

1. Make sure you have a new page and empty page on your website ready. 

2. Install the inline script into your website's HTML. This script is slightly different from the widget script. You can copy the script below and add your personal link and follow with &type=inline.You can find your personal link within your script. 

<!-- Inline checkout will be added to the page -->
<script id="convious_loader" src="YOUR-PERSONAL-LINK&type=inline"></script>

To find your script go to Script within Settings in your main menu on the left-hand side, and then click on I know how to add the code myself.