Google Analytics 4 integration

Using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to analyze your ticket shop's performance is the most comprehensive option and at the same time the simplest to set up. All you need to do is find your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID and ask the Convious Support Team ( to enable the integration, and you will start receiving data immediately.

Here is our Convious guide to switch to Google Analytics 4 and enable the GA4 integration.

If you do not have the Google Analytics 4 integration enabled, the amount of data available in the data layer is limited.

If necessary, you can choose to only track specific events. Here's an overview:

Google Tag Manager

If you want to track data with a tool other than Google Analytics 4 or Google Ads, the best way to achieve this is Google Tag Manager (GTM).
This takes more time to set up and requires knowledge about Google Tag Manager, but will allow you to send data pretty much anywhere.

In short, GTM can extract event data from the data layer object using data layer variables. At the same time, these events can be used as triggers to fire so-called tags.

GTM offers a wide variety of pre-defined tags through their Community Template Gallery, but it is also possible to create completely custom tags, which allow you to execute any JavaScript using the data layer variables as input.

Tracking Pixels

A tracking pixel is simply a piece of code that is executed when the customer reaches the "Download Tickets" page in your Checkout.

This means they are simple to set up, but also limited in functionality. They are able to track conversions, and nothing else.
Most advertising tools will provide you with a script to track conversion data to their platform in order to attribute sales and thereby measure campaign performance. Simply send this script to our support staff to let them enable the tracking pixel for you.

Keep in mind that in most cases, it is preferable to execute these scripts using a trigger in Google Tag Manager as described above, because that will give you more control.