Why is it so important?

Letting your guests change their own reservation is beneficial for you because: 

  • it takes the heavy lifting of your customer support by reducing time, efforts and money spent on simple tasks such as changing dates on orders, 
  • it gives the customer more control over their visit, 
  • it gives you a real-time overview of your actual visitor numbers by reducing no-shows,
  • the rescheduling fee will act as an upsell that will generate additional revenue! 

As you can see, there are many good reasons to set this up.

What will it look like:

Have a look at this example from our partner Plopsaland de Panne

1. A guest visits the Plopsaland de Panne website.

2. The guest navigates to the trigger button to view the Convious checkout and scrolls down to select ‘I want to reschedule my visit.’

3. They need to enter their order email as well as their order number until the green checkmarks appear.


4. Next up, they can choose a new date, while seeing the calculated fee for rescheduling their visit at the same time. 


5. Once a date is chosen, they will see an order summary to confirm their choice while, at the same time, giving a health declaration. 


6. They confirm their order and - done!


This is how easy it is to let your guests reschedule their visit.

? It is important for you to know that your date change may be set on unlimited inventory, but it will always take the original order's inventory and apply it to the new date. This means that an order of two Child Tickets and one Adult Ticket rebooked for April 12th will count as 3 Tickets. Thus, the system will reduce the available capacity of April 12th by 3 and book the visit. 

And this is not all! We also made it easy for you to see how much extra revenue you generated by offering this feature to your visitors. Just follow the steps below to see your reservation changer revenue:

1. Log in to your Convious Control Panel and navigate to ‘Sales’ within the Reports section in the left-hand main menu. 

2. Once the section opens, you can add a filter to the product option.

Select your reservation flow.

5. Hit ‘Apply’ and now you can see your stats and total revenue generated only through the self-service reservation changer. 

A little heads up: make sure you choose the right time frame at the top-right corner!

Are you interested in more information on how how to implement this feature?
Just contact your Sales Rep or just write an email to sales@convious.com