When schools or organisations plan a visit, they often face the issue that they do not own an online payment method needed to complete the booking.

Additionally, we see such groups tend to arrive with a different amount of people compared to the original reservation. Having a buying flow that allows them to book their visit without paying online and paying at your door removes the hassle for such groups and reduces your manual workload - no refunds or rebookings.

This use case only works when the partner has the USB scanner connected to the POS. This can be any type of USB scanner.

How it works

  • Visitor selects and reserves tickets in the web shop 

  • Visitor receives confirmation with the amount that needs to be paid in the email and they receives the tickets (with not scannable barcodes)

  • The order is marked as "Booked" in the Control Panel orders 

  • Visitor visits the location and presents his/her/their tickets

  • Cashier scans one of the tickets

  • The complete order will be added directly to the POS card and the visitor can pay

  • Once the order is paid, tickets become scannable at the gate

  • The order is marked as "Paid" in the Control Panel Orders

Adjusting group reservation

POS orders not scannable until they are paid for. This feature is particularly useful for group bookings, where a different number of people show up at the event and there will be a need to make a refund if there are less people and so on. In this case the person at the counter will just modify the number of tickets before the payment without a need to do any refund. However, it is good to keep in mind that the inventory will not be adjusted in the Control Panel. 


Technically, every product list could become a pay later order, but beware that everything in the cart will be a pay later order, so do not mix items that should be paid for with some pay later items.


It is possible to activate it for the entire account or only specific product list.

Contact support@convious.com to complete configuration for you.