Redeeming tickets is crucial for you for several reasons, such as automating entrance and validity checks but also keeping an overview of which orders and tickets have been used and factual visitor numbers in real-time.

This is why you can now use not only codeREADR and an external scanner to redeem your tickets but also, as an alternative, enter them manually via the redeem mode in your Convious Control Panel.

A few golden redeem mode rules:

1. Redeeming can not be reversed. 

2. You can redeem dated tickets with a visit date in the past. 

3. You can not redeem dated tickets with the visit date in the future. The only way to redeem those tickets is after changing the visit date according to the redeem rules. 

To access your redeem mode:

1. Navigate to your Orders Details page within the Order section.


Now you see all your sold products, including customer details - you can find all information on your order details page here


2. Click on More actions.

3. Choose Redeem mode.

Now, you can see the redeem window. Here you can either
1. Manually enter a Barcode in the active input field or
2. Scan a barcode with an external scanner. 

Be aware:

  • Once you have entered the barcode it will immediately redeem within a matter of  seconds. 
  • Redeeming a barcode can not be undone.

Once a barcode is redeemed, you will see it appear in the redeem history. You will see the ticket type, the visit date and the ticket price attached to the barcode. 

If you would search for the order in your Control Panel to check it, you will see it will be what redeemed, including the date and time. 

And this is how easy it is to redeem tickets via your Convious Control Panel! 

Last but not least: Don't forget, you can also select certain products or tickets and redeem them as shown below:

1. Select the tickets.

2. Click More actions

3. Choose Redeem ticket(s).


4. Redeem.