Your Tap App is your direct communication stream to your visitors and fans - now you can utilise it like never before by sending push notifications straight from your Control Panel.

But just sending messages into the world should not be all you do. It is also important to review what you have done and learn more about it. This is why we now have the push notifications report for you! 

In this article, we explain to you how to understand your numbers and turn them into insights. 


-> Navigate to your Reports and choose Push notifications.


At the top of your report you can see:

  • App users opted-in:  This metric indicates the number of App users who have been granted permission to receive push notifications. These are individuals who have explicitly chosen to stay engaged with your app's updates.
  • Sent push notifications: This metric informs you of the total number of messages that have been sent during the specified time period. It provides an overview of the volume of notifications that have been pushed out to your user base.
  • Opened push notifications: This metric reveals the number of push notifications that have been opened by your App users. It helps gauge the effectiveness of your messages and the level of engagement they generate.
  • Clicked push notifications: This metric represents the total number of push notifications that users have clicked on. It measures the success of your messages in driving users to take further action, such as visiting a specific page or engaging with a particular feature.


Below the summary figure that provides an overview of the total number of push notifications sent, opened, and clicked per day, you will find a comprehensive report detailing individual chat notification campaigns and push notification campaigns.

Chat notification campaigns:

  • These campaigns consist of notifications that are visible to the user within the TAP app chat interface. They offer a direct means of communication with users.

Push notification campaigns:

  • These campaigns involve apps pop-up notifications that direct the user to a specific section or feature within the TAP app. They aim to guide users to specific areas of interest or encourage them to take certain actions.

For both types of campaigns, you can access specific insights regarding the number of notifications sent, opened, clicked, and the opt-out rate for each individual campaign.


By analyzing these metrics within the push notifications report, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your notifications. Understanding the number of users who have opted-in, the reach of your messages, the level of user engagement, and the impact on click-through rates will enable you to refine your notification strategy and enhance the overall user experience.


With this knowledge, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your push notifications, ensuring they effectively reach and resonate with your audience.