Time-slots can be a real game changer in leisure, specially in times where greater certainty is needed in regards of how many people are coming into your venue and when

With the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting need for better predictions and limiting capacity, there has been a significant increase in the use of time-slots in leisure and online bookings for tours and activities. 

Now, by simply sending a request to support@convious.com you can also have time-slots enabled for any of the upsell products you have configured within your Convious Control Panel. 

For example, for specific festivities, such as Halloween or Christmas, if you offer additional experiences as an upgrade to the general entry ticket (horror mazes, haunted house tours, Christmas choirs or plays....) you can benefit from also setting-up specific times in the day for those. That way people won't just stream into your events and activities unexpectedly, but will book and visit them at a given time. That way, you will avoid crowds, long lines, and unpleasant surprises, while your guests enjoy a more organized and smooth experience in your venue. 

Are smart time-slots something you would like to benefit from? Then all you have to do is request this feature to be enabled to our operations team by sending a message to support@convious.com and specify for which time-intervals and specific upsell products you would like to have time-slots enabled. 

It's just as easy as that to start reaping the multiple benefits that time-slotting can bring to your venue and guest experience!