Processing fee

Fee for processing the transaction.

Markup fee

The markup fee is an additional percentage or fixed fee added to the base processing fees charged by the payment processor. The markup fee typically varies depending on factors such as the type of transaction (e.g., credit card, debit card, online, in-person), the volume of transactions processed, the currency involved, and the specific terms negotiated.

RevenueProtect service fee

Revenue protect is a risk management service (risk scoring, shopper profiling, etc.), that is enabled default for all partners as this is deemed very important to identify and fight fraudulent activity. As a result, it increases conversion without lifting a finger, as we use a combination of industry best-practice risk rules and advanced machine learning.

Authentication service (3DS) fee

3D Secure is strong customer authentication (SCA), which helps to prevent fraud and is mandatory to comply with the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). It shifts liability and adds security by adding an extra layer of authentication to credit and debit card transactions.

This authentication protocol adds an extra layer of verification to card-not-present (CNP) transactions. During the transaction process on your website or mobile app, the card issuer conducts authentication using passive, biometric, and two-factor authentication methods.

Payout service fee

A payout is the moment or action you receive the funds generated by your processed transactions. Payouts are initiated based on your chosen payout frequency and processed according to clause 3.4.

Refund fee

Refunds are initiated by you (or by Convious at your instruction). Our fees refer to us and the PSP providing the infrastructure and reporting for handling the financial transactions to return funds to a customer for a previous purchase.

Chargeback fee

Chargebacks are reversals of credit card transactions initiated by cardholders or issuers due to disputes in case of fraud or unsatisfactory purchases, resulting in funds being returned to the cardholder. Policy on how to react to chargebacks will be up to you. Please note this is initiated by credit card companies and cannot be turned off (even not if you have a ‘non-refund’ policy).