CodeREADr scanning prices & usage

  • Generally, the more devices you select, the cheaper the price per device will be.
  • Great news: You can always request more devices throughout the season. Please note though that the price per device agreed upon at the start of the year defines the device price for any additional device added through the year. 


Re-calculation & invoicing

  • Annually we base the device estimate on the data we have from earlier seasons and/or conversations with you.
  • The device estimate will be invoiced up-front for the upcoming year. 
  • If your usage increases, we will invoice the additional device(s) at the originally agreed-upon device price. 

  • Please note if you use fewer devices than initially invoiced, you will not be reimbursed.             


Calculation example

Let's say you select 5 devices for 2024 since you used 5 devices in 2023.

This means that Convious will invoice the amount for 5 devices at the beginning of your season for, let's say € 250 per device.

At the end of 2024, it turns out you were using 10 devices instead of 5 devices. This means that our finance team will charge you the costs of an additional 5 devices at the price of € 250 per device. 

💡Good to know

If you require more devices throughout the season, just log in to more devices with your usual CodeREADr credentials. There is no need to get in contact with the Convious support team anymore. Your device limit is currently set to 25 devices. The resulting increase will be invoiced based on the actual usage in the following calendar year.