Being able to use the power of personalization on and for your visitors by grouping them into audiences and creating relevant communication for them is a game-changer. And because we do not want you to only be able to make use of this power within your existing Convious tools, but be free to take your own initiative via, for example, regular weekly or monthly Newsletters, you can export your audiences easily.

Therefore, here you can see how to get your exports, including applying filters. 

1. Navigate to your CRM section > Audiences.


Now you see your Audience page with a list of all Predefined Audiences. 

2. To export any Predefined Audiences, navigate to the Actions button on the right-hand side.

3. To initiate the download, click Download.

Now you will see a modal opening that allows you to apply filters to your selected audience before downloading.

4. Here, you can select to filter by:

  1. Marketing cookies: Those who consented to marketing, in our case, using their data for personalization.
  2. Marketing Opt-in: Those who consented to receive telemarketing communications from you. 

Why? For a Newsletter for season pass holders, you would need their marketing opt-in permission.

To stick with the example: If you apply the marketing opt-in filter, your export will include Profiles with a season pass AND who opted in to receive telemarketing communication. 

Rephrased: The export will include only those Profiles with a season pass who also opted in to receive telemarketing communication. 

Depending on your purpose for the export, you can include none, one, or both of these filters.

5. Once you have decided on what your download should look like, hit Download.

Because this file contains loads of personal data, please make sure to be conscious about where to store, whom to share, and how to use this file.   

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