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The latest Update

Google Things to do in your Control Panel

Introducing Things to do on Google

"At Google, we aim to make the travel research and booking experience as user-friendly as possible. We are working to help users discover new and unique things to do and to make it easier for partners to promote their tours, attractions, and activities and connect with interested consumers. With Things to do, partners can surface their inventory via free listings and through a dynamic ad format. We encourage attractions, tour operators, and activity providers to work directly with their restech provider to take part."


As you know, at Convious, we are all about helping you reach your customers where they are when it matters, which is why we integrated with Google Things to do and released the organic search feature for you free of charge.


What is Google Things to do organic search?

Google Things to do organic search enables you to surface your different products via the organic search listing on Google. This includes adult admission tickets and multi-visit tickets and experiences such as guided tours or additional activities.




Our first version, released in Q1 2022, allows you to add your adult ticket as admission listing, the tickets' lowest day price and the official page tag - giving it credibility and priority above other OTA's that may be listed here. 


In your Checkout, the adult ticket will be highlighted, showing as well the lowest day price.


UPDATE Q4 2022

Google Things to do has officially been expanded to Google Maps!

As a result, all Convious partners with Google Things to do ticket listings will directly and automatically be available from Google maps.



Google Things to do in your Control Panel

1. To view which product is sent to Google, navigate to Channels within your Orders section.

Once you arrive there, if you have the reseller module and the retailer module, you will see them in the upper menu, next to Google. 

2. Select Google to view the settings for Google things to do.

Given that we enabled Google Things to do for all partners that were live and selling adult tickets when we released, you should be able to see the toggle that indicates that Google's free things to do listing is enabled.


Further, you see:
  • Your Place ID: this is the Google Maps Place ID. Google needs this to connect/attribute/assign you to the right location.
  • Connected product: Here, you see the product that was chosen to show in the feed.
  • Please be aware that you are only allowed to show an adult day ticket under the current policies, which is why we selected it for you.
  • Connected categories: These are the categories Google uses to classify the product (and your venue) in the search queries.
  • Location: This is additional to your place ID and an elaboration of where you are located.

    The following 3 fields are only relevant for experiences and not admission listings, and therefore, they do not need to be filled for the current version to go live. They will become relevant with our next milestone (see more about our next steps and optimization below).

  • Venue description: This is the description of your venue that is used to classify your venue in the search query; this means it is very important to have high-quality descriptions, including an engaging yet clear and concise description of what to expect at your venue. 
  • Venue image: Here, you can add an image suiting the experience. Here as well, image quality is important.

    Optimally in 16:9 format.

    Luckily, we either already have or will do the initial setup, including all the above for you!

    In case you are live and selling but do not have Google Things to do enabled, please get in touch with our support team via, and we will ensure you are up and running shortly!

What's next?

Clearly, we are excited about Google things to do and are keen on optimizing it in order for us, as a partner, to seize its full possibilities!

This is why we are already planning the next updates! 

1. Adding multiple products
So that next to your adult ticket, you can also add a season pass.

2. Adding experiences
So you can offer your guided tours and add on experiences.

3. Adding reporting to the Control Panel.
So you can view the traffic coming through your Google Things to do listing and corresponding revenue through these visitors you make right in your Control Panel. In case you are interested in your numbers until then, feel free to get in touch with us - we can offer to give you a periodic update. 

More information:

Things to do policies: As with all policies, these are subject to change over time.