Tiqets x Convious Integration

At Convious we do our utmost best to make your life easier, especially when it comes to handling your resellers. 

Here is a short guide on how to integrate Convious with your offer on Tiqets.com.




Whether you are already selling via Tiqets, or whether you want to start doing so, Convious has established a direct connection with their platform. This means that availability and barcodes are coming from our system and bookings are registered in your Control Panel.

New to Tiqets?
Before we dive into the details, if you are not selling on Tiqets yet, you can apply for self sign up here or ask your CS manager from Convious for a direct contact and possible introduction.

Once you have access and you want to make sure that the communication between Tiqets and Convious works, you can now enable the Tiqets integration from your Convious Control Panel.

Already selling via Tiqets?
If you are already selling via Tiqets, follow the steps described below and contact Tiqets to let them know that you would like to switch to the Convious API. 


API endpoint
First, start by copying your widget slug from the Control Panel. Usually this is your venue name and it needs to be added  in the following url, where the highlighted section is. You can find your widget slug in the url once you are logged in the Control Panel.



And you send the following to Tiqets:


External ID’s
Secondly, you need to enable the Tiqets integration by following the steps below:

To add an external ID to your product...

1. Navigate to your Products page.

2. Select the product this integration applies to. For example: ‘I want to buy tickets’, ‘dated tickets’ and open the entrance ticket, ‘Adult’. 

3. In the Product editing page, scroll down to the External ID section and add the external ID. This is a name that you can create yourself.

Here is an example of how this would look like for an adult ticket. Choose a name, such as in the example amsterdam-ticket-standard. Hit save.

4. Repeat this process for all the other products that you would like to sell via Tiqets. Enable the integration and give them the same external ID as the other products. So in this case a child or a student ticket should also have the External ID amsterdam-ticket-standard. 

(This is different from the Get Your Guide setup!)

Now you are ready to communicate the following information to your Tiqets contact:

API Endpoint: https://integration-tiqets.convious.com/api/namevenue/v1/products

External ID: amsterdam-ticket-standard.

Do you already have external IDs added to the product? Don't worry! You can have several added to a single product. 

Some things to consider

Products versus Product variants.
An Adult and a Child ticket are called ‘product variants’ in the Tiqets back office, and are listed under the same product.

In Convious Control Panel, they are two separate articles.

Your products do not have to be static priced. As Tiqets is entering their own (static) prices via their platform, the pricing of your products within Convious is not relevant.

Invoicing and Commission
Invoicing between Tiqets and you will not be done from Convious’ side. Convious will only charge you for the tickets sold via Tiqets. For more details, please get in touch with your CS Manager at Convious.

The commission Tiqets is entitled to for each ticket they sell on your behalf to the end customer, is also discussed between you and Tiqets. Convious is the facilitator here to make sure that the tickets are coming from the same inventory pool and can be scanned at your venue.

Tiqets has a portal where you can login to see the exact sales numbers and other data.

Tickets are not refundable. In case you want to make an exception for an end customer who ordered through Tiqets, you would have to:

Log in into your Convious  Control Panel
Go to Order Details, click extended search and use the barcode of the Tiqets voucher to search for the order

You can now choose to cancel.

After that, you can communicate to Tiqets that they can give the refund to the end customer.

Check before going live
We advise you to check your test booking that Tiqets will send you by scanning the test ticket at your venue, confirming whether the booking went through to the Convious system as expected.

When you will go live
This depends on Tiqets, their pipeline and the commercial agreement you have.

How to view your bookings in your Convious Control Panel 
All bookings will be visible via your Orders page, with the limitation that currently we cannot yet display price nor source on this page. 

You can view which orders came through via Tiqets by downloading the Order details and looking for step-integration-tiqets

Bookings via Tiqets will always be send through to us immediately after booking. 

Customer Support
If visitors experience issues or have questions about their booking, we advise contacting Tiqets' support first. 

Scanning & validation
If you are using CodeREADr, the ticket sold via Tiqets should be scannable via your scanning app.

For more details on the setup, reporting and fees, please contact your CS manager.