The limitations of static date change fees

Dynamic pricing offers varying prices based on different dates, potentially creating opportunities for fraud by purchasing a cheaper ticket and subsequently changing it to a more expensive one. Rest assured, we have a solution to address this.


How does it work at Convious?

Our solution involves configuring a date change fee using the 'RTP' pricing type, allowing you to set minimum and maximum fee ranges. It's important to ensure that:

 Max Date Change Fee > = Max Ticket Price - Min Ticket Price

This way the date change fee will follow your base strategy, and prevents the possibility of changing to more expensive tickets without paying extra.

Practical Example

What does this mean for my visitor?

If visitors want to change a date, the change fee will be:

  • Expensive, if they change into the popular day
  • Cheap, if they want to change into a slow day
  • Average, if they want to change into an average day

Regardless of the ticket they have now.


What does this mean for you?

 1. We prevent fraud opportunities

If you have a cheap ticket, you do not have a gain if you change to a more expensive one later

2. More predictability

As busy day visitors don’t have incentives to change their mind

3. Extending pricing strategy

Visitors have a price incentive to choose less busy days when they want to change a visit date


Something is missing? Check our FAQ: Dynamic Pricing