Convious sends out the e-tickets immediately after we have received the payment confirmation of the purchase. The tickets are sent to the email address provided when placing the order. Additionally, link to download the tickets is displayed in the checkout after the payment is completed and confirmed:

If you hear from a customer who didn't receive their tickets, follow the steps below:

1.  Ask the customer to check their SPAM folder
It is important to check SPAM and other folders, not just your inbox. Sometimes the confirmation email with the tickets can go directly to customer's SPAM folder.

2.  Make sure that customer completed the payment
Ask the customer to double-check if they completed all the steps of the online payment process. Sometimes it’s just the matter of clicking the last “confirm” button on a bank's page.

3. Ensure your customer has completed the after payment form
Whether it is for safety or marketing purposes, if you have an after payment form enabled, this form, in this case, also needs to be completed before the customer is able to download or view their tickets. Sometimes it is enough resending them the link to their form; if however, the form is hindered from showing to the customer, you might have to request the customers' details and complete it for them. 
To access a customers' APF, you need to find their order, click Action and then Download Tickets. If the APF is not completed, this will trigger the online form instead of the ticket download.  

4.  Check if the provided email address was correct
Ask the customer what email address they entered in the checkout when placing their order and confirm it in the dashboard. Click here for instructions

5.  Make sure the customer gave it enough time
Although it's an unlikely scenario, it can take up to 1 hour of time for the tickets to arrive in customer's inbox. If you have followed all the steps above, please advise the customer to be patient. You can also resend the confirmation email directly from your Convious dashboard. Click here for instructions

6. Still not working? Report the issue to our support team via In order to speed up the process please describe the issue in detail, attach screenshots/links, and give us all information you have. 

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