• User sign-in with email address to directly activate channels and orders 
    With this functionality the user can easily make sure that their personal orders are in the app and we can identify app users for personalization purposes.

  • Custom App Icons shown based on the Apps as user has
    The app icon can be personalized based on the App channels a user has activated. 

  • Added text labels to the icons of the tab-bar menu
    The icons in the home tab bar were not always clear for the user, so we added text labels to make sure that users easily can find the content they search for. 

  • Changed the channel selection
    Switching between locations and Venue Apps is improved, click on the top-bar in the home and you can easily switch.

  • Improved the settings page
    We merged the settings (general app settings and App venue settings) to one page which is now easily accessible from the home page on the top right.

  • Parkmap is now usable in offline modus
    Since the fact that internet is not very good at all places, the parkmap can now also being used in offline modus

  • Support different external links in the parkmap
    We can now link a point of interest to the day program on the website, for example.


  • Improved support page
    We improved the support functionality in the