Where can I find the Settlement Report? 

The Settlement Report can be found in your Control Panel under Reports. 

Transactions via Adyen for Platforms 

Your Adyen for Platforms account is configured to automatically send payouts 5 days a week to your bank account when there is a positive balance. By default, the payout schedule is set to daily (weekdays). Do you want to change this to a monthly schedule? Please get in contact with our Convious Support Team.

  • Once a payout is initiated, the column 'payout initiation date' of the Settlement Report will provide a date. If it's not initiated yet, it will state 'N/A'.
  • Once a payout is initiated, the settlement status will change accordingly.
  • Transactions done through Adyen are fully (100%) settled in your Adyen for Platforms account.

Keep in mind:  The sales day payout happens 2 days after the sales. They are automatically set up this way. However, on the weekend these are aggregated until after the weekend. This means on Sunday night and Monday night there are no payouts. Payouts can take up to 5 working days to arrive in your bank account.

Keep in mind: Currently, there are only two scenarios where the transactions are settled on the Convious Adyen Account instead of your Adyen Account. The two scenarios are either during a partial chargeback or a partial refund via POS. 

Transactions via your own PayPal Business account

PayPal deducts their payment fees immediately on their end; Convious is not involved in this. 

Filters of the Settlement Report?

To get the information that is relevant to you, make use of Filters. You have the option to filter for: 

  • Filter Date: You can filter on either Transaction Date, Order Date, or Payout Initiation Date
  • Date Range: Select a specific date range 
  • Payment Provider: You can either select Adyen or PayPal (only relevant if the PayPal integration is enabled)
  • Partner: If you have multiple venues you can select the one you want to get the report of
  • Location: Not relevant at the moment
  • Payment Flow: Here you can filter either on FundTransfer, payments or refunds
  • Order Number: Here you can filter on a specific order number
  • Source: Here you can select either Ecommerce_Convious or POS_Countr
  • PSP reference: Here you can see the Payment Service Provider reference number

Additionally, you have the option to refresh your Settlement Report, change the view, download, export, or share it. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Filter or Table and select one of the options.

Tip: To speed up loading times, the data is stored in a cache. If you want to see the latest information, click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "force refresh".

Good to know: A cache is a software component that stores data temporarily to make future requests for that data faster.

How can I see my Chargebacks?

You can see this via the column Payment Flow.


Do you have any more questions about the Sales Report (new), the Settlement Report, or how Convious handles invoicing?

Have a look at our FAQ!