We are constantly working on improving our software and adding even more value to your business. This is why your opinion and feedback is very important to us. If you have an idea or would like to request a specific feature to be added to your Convious platform, let us know!

You can submit your feature requests via our Feature Request form or by contacting your Sales Manager directly, but we strongly advise you to use the form as it will be easier and quicker to process your request with all the details and specifics. 



Prioritizing Feature Requests

We track everything. Really. When you submit a feature request to us, the first thing we do is check our board to see if it's something that's been mentioned before. If it has, we will add your request to the existing list. If it hasn't, we will add your request to the feature ideas board (we call it the backlog). This way, we keep things well structured and organized. And make sure that nothing slips our attention. 

Ideas which attract more attention and plane with significant interest are evaluated by Convious team and considered for development as a feature. You would be surprised how often we see ideas bubbling back up, so please always submit yours! It will be worth it.
Lastly, the final decision is always based on our core values and purpose. If your idea is not in line with our product goals at all, it is not going to be a priority for us.

Processing Feature Requests

Step 1 - Idea Backlog

Every feature request we receive is added to our ideas backlog. Once added, we evaluate the idea to see if it's something we want to add as a feature. If it is, we move it to the feature backlog. In case we're not sure, we leave the idea in the backlog and make notes of similar requests.

Step 2 - Feature Backlog

A request is added to the feature backlog if/when it has received a significant amount of interest from our Partners and our team agrees that the feature is in line with our values and product goals. While a request is in the feature backlog, we continue to track incoming ideas and requests while waiting for this feature to be prioritized on our product roadmap.

Step 3 - Product Roadmap

The master plan for features development and implementation. Our (quarterly) planning is reasoned on the customer data and trends from our idea and feature backlogs.

NOTE:  As much as we encourage you to share your ideas and submit requests, we also need you to understand that they need to be considered and included in our ongoing workload. We will not go on time-consuming detours due to ad-hoc demands that are not validated with further findings. 

Step 4 - Feature Release

Since we do track everything, we also never miss a release. If you have requested a feature for Convious, no matter how long ago it may have been, you will hear from us when that feature gets released. 



Have you encountered technical difficulties? In that case, the following resource will be of help to you:
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