Our latest Tap update is all about being closer to your guest by stimulating user engagement through Push Notifications!

What is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification is a concise message or alert that is sent through to everyone who has installed the Tap app and who has accepted the receipt of these messages. It does not matter whether your guest has an iPhone, an Android, or any other phone; they can still receive these messages, even if the app is closed. 

Why use Tap's Push Notifications

Here are some reasons why you should start using them: 

  • Send personalized messages to your guests and enhance their experience by only communicating what’s relevant
  • Promote upsells based on the date of their visit
  • Promote exclusive discounts
  • Re-engage with guests who have already visited your venue. . Why not incentivize loyal behavior by offering a voucher or coupon to ensure they re-visit your venue?
  • Friendly reminders! Near the visit date? Make sure you send a warm pre-visit message 

And this is just a taste of the endless possibilities available. You can decide how to use this feature to complement your marketing and sales strategy. You can also decide on the frequency these messages are sent through. 

How to configure your Push Notifications in the Tap app?

We are working on integrating this into your Convious Control Panel, but at the moment, you can ask our support team to enable this at support@convious.com