Why do I need to know this?


This is a legitimate question that is easy to answer. Understanding how your own guest flow is regulated and controlled through Convious, you will not only have a better understanding of it, but you will most importantly be able to modify this guest flow control if necessary without any intervention from our side. This allows you to react timely to changes, including new regulations or changing procedures. At the same time, understanding your set-up also reduces the amount of errors, which is crucial as they will have an immediate influence on your guest’s physical safety and your responsibility to comply with regulations. 

Understand & define your Set-up

To explain how you can be in full control of your venues’ guest flow and modify it based on the circumstances you experience.   

Your inventory is where you can view and edit the capacity of your venue. Depending on your set-up, this capacity can be divided into 2 categories:

Gate Capacity: The amount of visitors or tickets to be sold per time slot
Venue Capacity: The amount of simultaneous visitors,


The different Set-ups


As you read now twice, understanding your se-tup is crucial.  

Before the pandemic, one se-tup was the usual: One venue capacity defining the amount of visitors per day and no time slot reservation was needed.Now, to control guest flow at all times, we have utilized several set-ups differing on different partners' needs. Below you will find the 3 most common ones - one of them should sound & look familiar to your settings visible in your Convious Control Panel.


Set-up 1: Full day venue

A full day venue is using time slots with different starting times but the same end time. Here you have both: gate & venue capacity. 

This means you use start times, and your guests will stay at your venue for the rest of the day. Thus, you distribute people coming in over many start times but have only one set end time. 

The gate capacity hereby defines how many people you let in at the same time; the venue capacity controls how many simultaneous visitors you have at your venue during the entire day. 

CONVIOUS RECOMMENDATION: This is our favored set up as it allows our partners to have full control over the venue capacity when strong control and regulation are needed.

Set-up 2:  X-hour visit venue

Visits are defined by hours. This means your time slots have a different starting time and different end times. Here the gate capacity limits the nuber of people you have per starting time while at the same time, the venue capacity regulates simultaneous visitors for all time slots, ensuring multiple starting times will not exceed the total amount of visitors allowed in-venue.

Set-up 3: Regulating by Gate capacity

A venue that sets up only gate capacity only controls the number of visitors by limiting the number of people per time slot, as the number of simultaneous visitors can be calculated by the number of time slots and the capacity per each.

Thus, time slots have differing starting times as well as a differing end time.