Offline barcode scanner integration

Use case: Partner already had offline file integration in place with the previous service provider. Convious reused the same logic for the integration. 

This integration is “Offline”. Data exchange happens once a day:

  • Partner delivers scanned barcodes with timestamps for the previous day.
  • Convious upload file with all valid barcodes to the partner ticketing system


Online barcode scanner integration

Use case: Partner has a barcode scanning system that can check barcode validity in real time.
Convious did create custom REST API endpoint for partner barcode scanning software.

Request body:


   "device_id": "unique_device_id",                                            Optional

   "barcode": "barcode",                                                             Mandatory

   "user_id": "partner_user_id",                                                  Optional

   "token": "unique_parnter_auth_token",                                 Mandatory

   "scanned_at": "timestamp %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"            Mandatory





   "status": "success|not_found|previously_scanned",

   "message": "human readable status message"


Online barcode issuer integration

Use Case: Partner has ticketing and scanning software vendor and wanted to use convious for sales and price management.

Convious worked with 3rd party vendor to create online barcode issuing integration, so partner would have no difference where barcode where sold. Barcodes are issues and revoked online on demand.


Online availability integration

Use Case: Partner already had a 3rd party vendor to manage limited inventory, time slots and orders/finances.

Convious worked with partner vendor to build full online integration for availability, time slots, inventory reservation and release. Convious is responsible for pricing, payment handling and barcodes management.

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