Seeing your potential future does not need to involve a crystal ball anymore!

With your forecast report, you can now look ahead to see the expected minimum and maximum sold tickets, your current sales numbers, and the weather forecast, which can have an immense influence on whether you reach the forecasted numbers.

Further, you can also review the past week and/or month.  


The insights you get

At first sight, you can quickly get the expected visitors today, tomorrow, and next week - this can be used to double-check current planning and, if needed, determine last-minute needed staffing updates or stocking. Addition

Here you can see the expected visitors today are 455. The +/- 70 tells you that there is potential for +70 tickets to be sold last-minute. This would be the forecasted maximum.

In the graph below, you can then get into the details per day and see the forecast graph for the upcoming 7 days. 

Hover over the graph to see the hard numbers.

Here we see that on Wednesday, June 1st, the forecast is 410 visitors, which is the medium of the expected minimum (290) and the maximum (530). The space between minimum and maximum is also highlighted.

You can also see that you have already sold 149 tickets and that last week, in this case, Monday, by 13:00 o'clock, you had sold 169 for the Wednesday of that week. This slight difference may be due to the weather, because as you can see, now the weather forecast for Wednesday is 18 degrees and cloudy. If you want to dive deeper into this, you can go and hover over the Wednesday of last week as well.

Especially weather can be a very powerful source of information next to the forecast numbers because it can give you an indication of whether you can expected the actual number to more towards the blue forecast number, stagnate below it or reach the expected maximum.

Depending on your venue, different weather states can mean different things for your venue.  

Lastly, you can also switch the forecast report to view the future and past 4 weeks via the upper right corner.

Here it is important to know that the weather forecast will not work this far in advance. All other forecasting is provided.

Good to know: The visitor forecast is updated once a day, and the ticket sales data is updated every 20 minutes.


How we determine the forecast

Just as with Dynamic Pricing, we are using several factors to determine your forecasting, such as:

  • Historic sales numbers
  • Seasonality & holidays
  • Weather 
  • Lead time 
  • Capacity 
  • Checkout interaction 

    Learn more about how we determine dynamic prices here.