Planning ahead is one of the great advantages of selling online. Therefore, last-minute purchases should come at a reasonable price considering visitors' immediate gratification and the impact it can have on your planning. So, one of the methods to incentivize people to book ahead in is matching tickets for same-day prices with your box office or gate price.

This means even if you are using Real-Time pricing that is configured between 27 € and 36 € and the gate price is 42 € on the day itself, tickets will as well be 42 €.

And if it does not motivate them to buy in advance, you get the chance to generate additional revenue. To get a good visitor number forecast despite that, you can use your forecast report, as it will pick up on whatever trend will manifest itself as a consequence of this setup. 



Where to find the setting

1. Navigate to Global Pricing via Pricing

2. Scroll down and find the setting just above the weekly regulators. 

3. Enable the setting by switching the toggle, and remember to hit Save for the change to apply!


Here it is important to know that once this setting is enabled, all the exceptions you have will be ignored. In every instance, the gate price will show when selecting the visit date today. 


Make visitors aware of this by highlighting the benefits of being in advance or financial risks that come with last-minute purchases. 

You can do that by using your engage tools, such as a wonderbar, or you can choose to add a textile below your calendar view in your purchasing flow. For the latter, please get in touch with, so we can enable it for you. This setup takes only a couple of minutes and allows you to adjust this text via the copy editor.