Convious invoicing + Fund transfer via Adyen for Platforms

Currently, the Convious fees for transactions through Adyen for Platforms consist of the Convious commission and the Payment Service Provider (PSP) fee. Both fees are calculated at the end of the month and specified in the invoice. These are then settled using fund transfers through Adyen for Platforms. Once a fund transfer is done, it will appear as a separate line in the Settlement Report and can be filtered via the column Payment Flow. This will be named e.g. Invoice November 2023 in column Transaction PSP Reference

You'll receive your monthly Convious invoice during the first 10 working days of the month. Right after, we will transfer the Convious fees (Convious commission + PSP fee) via the fund transfer function from your Adyen account to Convious. 

Good to know:
While the fund transfer takes place, the payouts on your Adyen for Platforms account are blocked temporarily. Don't be worried, Convious does not have access to your bank account, the Convious Pay automation system will only block funds temporarily from being paid out to you. After the Convious fees (Convious commission + PSP fee) have been settled via this fund transfer function, you will receive your payouts regularly again (according to the payout schedule). 

Good to know for new Convious partners:
You will receive your invoice during the first 10 working days of the following month of your go-live date.


Do you have any more questions about the Sales Report (new), or the Settlement Report (new)?

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